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    Shandong haiford Machinery Co., Ltd

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Core IdeaDevelop enterprises, achieve individuals, report to shareholders and serve the society.
Learning Concept:Faster learning and implementation than peers is the only resource for competitive advantage.
Development Thinking:Through continuous introduction of talents, equipment upgrading, technological progress, strengthening management and improving product cost performance to develop enterprises.
Strategic Target:Jimei Jushan, adult reach oneself, build the first domestic cost-effective brand.
Enterprise Spirit:Improve continuously and develop continuously.
Design Concept:The advocator of green design and manufacturing, the pursuer of green sea and blue sky ecological civilization.
Quality Policy:Quality first, credit first, continuous improvement of product quality, comprehensive improvement of service level.
Quality Objectives:With first-class products, first-class services, exceed customer expectations, and meet customer requirements to the maximum extent.
Management Idea:Quality is the foundation of existence and honesty is the source of development.
Business Objectives:Customer value maximization is the eternal pursuit of haiford people.
Two Transformations:From selling a single product to selling a personalized haifude brand three leaf roots blower and a complete set of problem-solving solutions and system services, from product marketing to brand marketing.
Enterprise Style:Quick move, heavy punch, practical work and accurate measures.
Service Idea:Service is life, satisfaction is pursuit.
Talent Concept:If you have virtue and talent, you will be hired in an exceptional way. If you have virtue and talent, you will be trained to use them. If you have no virtue and talent, you will be restricted to use them. If you have no virtue and talent, you will never use them.
Staff Team Building:Gradually build a "passionate, pragmatic, intelligent and rational, dare to be the first, values convergence" staff team.

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